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Sunday May 31 2020, 8:22 PM Podcast
Show PlaylistAuto Play Today on Real Talk, we talk about what we see going on during these times, and how to discern truth from untruth. Know Better, and Do Better. Power Up!
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Today on Real Talk, we discuss what has transpired thus far during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and what we observed during our travels. We've come to realize that yes... There Is A War Going On. This episode talks about one of the battles playing out:...
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Today's episode talks about the finger pointing and divided perspectives we have going on currently here in the US. As always, Art, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion are our foundation into how this situation will continue to unfold and what...
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Show PlaylistAuto Play Today on Real Talk, we discuss how the populace is handling the "lock-down" or the appearance of one and the consequences of their actions. As always, Art, Literature, Philosophy...
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Thursday March 26 2020, 3:04 PM Podcast
Show PlaylistAuto Play This episode, we go further into how things may look as the Pandemic situation unfolds. As always, we analyze different forms of art, literature and philosophy to get a glimpse into...
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