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Minister Louis Farrakhan's Saviours Day Speech

By: homie
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After watching the Saviours Day speech, I believe Minister Farrakhan is a speaker of wisdom as well as a charismatic 

religious figure. As a person raised on the Christian faith, it's always good to see someone speak so highly of Jesus and 

all that he has done. He gives "facts" on which I don't know whether or not to believe but are interesting yet questionable. 

Comparing himself to the sinless Savior is sort of blasphemous in my eyes but nevertheless I continued watching to see

what points these were leading up to. Also questionable, his view on music as if it couldn't be used for worship stirred me

up slightly. His gestures on being so humble and so "perfect" asking the crowd and peers on the stage if they saw him as

an unloyal, non-sinful person doesn't mean for a person to be perfect. God only knows, but nevertheless I listened on.

And the icing on the cake is the cursing he does, which as a Christian, I never saw why these worldly, emphasizing words

are necessary with a man so wise. Much respect to those of Muslim faith and Minister Farrakhan himself but I need 


03/22/19 11:14:02PM @general:

Jesus is known for going into the Temple, and flipping over the tables of the money changers. What type of language do you think Jesus used in the process of flipping over tables? If you were to pay attention to what is going on in the world, you can see a campaign of people bringing up the past of people to destroy their credibility. I believe that it was making it clear that he has nothing to hide. I also found it enlightening to know that he has never been arrested. For a black man, who says the things he says and has the platform that he has, and the fact he is 83 years old, and never been arrested is meaningful to me. It means that there was a force that has been watching over the Minister. 

As for the science he spoke of regarding the Talmud, and the origins of the White Man, I would beg one to do their research. As far as the Talmud, I understand the power of the book, and the rituals linked to the Talmud do have a close relation with magic. The rituals found in the Talmud are some of the most powerful and esoteric in nature. This information was gained by a lost people who was enslaved in the Land of Babylon, and often used to in accordance with the Torah, and the Zohar.