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Eye C 20/20
Members : 1
Description: This group takes a look at the evolving world of vision. We live in unique time in the world of vision. with the evolving effects of digital screens on the physiology of the eye, the evolving science of virtual and augmented reality in optics, and...
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Members : 1
Description: The purpose of this class is to take a look at the perception of the 'white man" versus the thoughts and actions of those who identify themselves as a "white man".
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Alpha Chronicles
Members : 4
Description: The purpose of this class to teach members how to play the RPG called Alpha Chronicles.
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Community Disease Awareness And Preparedness Team
Description: C.D.A.P.T. is based on members teaching and learning how to be aware and prepared in case of a medical emergency. The member will have the tools to provide order in case of an emergency.
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Psych 101 - Kaplan U
Members : 3
Description: Classmates coming together to become better students and discuss topics in psychology
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Exotic Spirit Club (Beer and Wine) Must be 18 or over.!
Description: A place to come and find the latest in exotic spirits. Build and share with others your favorite tastes and experiences.
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The Watchful Eye
Members : 6
Description: Where news and perspectives of the world are given and investigated.
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Thinking With The Big Head
Description: This class is designed to teach men and women how to "think with the big head". Discover the secrets to avoiding common problems that arise when interacting with the opposite sex.
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