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Submit To Master (Introduction)
VA the Gov
Wednesday March 10 2021, 3:36 AM

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Theme: “If you want to be a master in life you must submit to a master “Jay Electronica Priniple: To be a master/king or great, one must submit to a master/king or great Clarity: “These days fame is disconnected from greatness” Drake Introduction to the principle- What does it mean to submit to master? A master comes in many shapes and forms. We will look at this concept in depth, how it functions, and its higher meaning. · What it means to be a master- (n)1.A master is defined by Webster as A man who has people working for him especially servants or slaves. 2. A man in charge of an organization or group. (adj)1.Having or showing very great skill or proficiency 2.main; principal. (vb)1. to acquire complete knowledge or skill. 2 gain control of; overcome · How to find a master-A master finds you on a the journey of greatness. There has to be a part of the student to bring awareness to themselves and then seize on the opportunity when the time comes to approach and ask and accept the Master · What does a master provide- Correction, Direction and Motivation

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