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Sunday June 16 2019, 8:55 PM

Have you ever heard of Mukbang? Have you ever watched a Mukbang video? Mukbang  started out as a live online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their audience. Usually done through an internet webcast (such streaming platforms include Afreeca , YouTube , Twitch , etc.), mukbang became popular in South Korea in 2010.

What started out as a solution to a social problem, has grown into something more disturbing than the problem of eating alone. A unique group of a people found comfort while listening to others eat, from there people found purpose in providing  that comfort. In this service others found fame and money. This is where Mukbang went the path of drugs. What started off as means to socialize, and helped others find purpose, led to it being infused with money and fame. The regular Mukbang videos were no longer enough, video makers felt the urge to eat larger and larger portions, participants began to play with their food not just eating it,turning the dinner into a spectacle. All the while losing the spirit of Mukbang to the power of money and fame. Once Mukbang made Youtubers into millionaires , things changed.


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