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Saturday July 29 2017, 1:16 AM

Do you suddenly feel like a loser? If you do, it is because you just realized the truth. What truth? The truth is that America is no longer number 1, which means Americans are no longer apart of the winning team. America is experiencing the awakening and realization that comes with a great lost. Due to the hecticness of life and global competition, the "passing of the baton" happened quickly but most importantly it happened quietly. It means nothing to merely "think" that America is the greatest power on Earth, if all of the other countries agree that it is not, and that there is a new global leader. That global leader is China. To add insult to injury, economist state that there is no forseeable way that America could catch China.

What does this mean to the average American. It means that 1st. Our words and methods mean nothing. They are good enough to be the winner and so no one cares. People follower winners, and want to hear the words of winners, not losers. People are going to want to work with China, not America and we can see that happening as far as the G-20 goes. Our national pride of having the greatest country, being the economic powerhouse, is done. Its gone. No more toting the big stick.

I propose this lost of world domination will have a negative psychological effect on the people. It will awaken the nature of the sore loser from within. You will see Americans awaken from a state of denial and then enter a state of rage. Lashing out at everyone, mad a the truth that American lost. People will first be fired, and then people will be sacrificed. It is the cost of losing. Along with economic sanctions, and a reduction in military. Further killing the spirit of the American people, and hurting their pride by limiting them militarily.

The last draw will come in the form of global banishment of guns. How will this happen? Easy, with America out of the way, you can open the door to a life without guns. It is America and its infatuation with gun violence that has spread globally. With a new economic powerhouse coming into play, a new world vision will be created. China has been buying spree as far as Hollywood is concerned. We can even see our athletes making their mark in China, I.E. Kobe Bryant, Stephan Marbury, and Tom Brady. The old American way will fade away given way to the new Global Way led by China.

Through out the process of coping with a lost, the truth of we are will be put in front of each one of our eyes. You can see the in the drug epidemic. People being able to accept reality without the help of drugs. What has our time on top done for us. It showed us orgies of all kinds, delicious edible treats in unlimited proportions, bred envy and jealousy like never seen before due to the vanity of the people. And now what. What is left? All this work, and when does one get a chance to play. After working all day, sitting in hours in traffic, there is no energy to do anything other than look at box. Sometime the box is big and sometimes the box is small. Either way, it becomes the new reality. Its only those on drugs, who drink and smoke, who can actually stand to look at the reality outside of the box. And for that they will be dealt with accordingly. We will see finally see the split happen in America, for the idea to which we return to the top will not be met with a unified effort. Due to the political chaos, the states will split apart due to ideological differences. To which money will not heal and will just add to the divisive nature of the people.

From the divisive point, that a new plan will be drawn up. How this plan will look I cannot say. But there is no climb to success without a plan. And for any plan to work, all the factors must work together to achieve success. The only common thread that I can see is love. It is here where I believe the meek will rise, and show the newly fallen how to climb back up through there actions. For it will be the one's at the top who take the loss the hardest, and it will be those who were looked over, who will have to step up and lead. Lead by showing what humility is. It is from there that the long trek to success begins again. The dark night will be over, and the sun reset again. Though this will take place over the lives of our current younger generations, it will not be to their grandchildren till will the sun rise again. For the toll of a lost as great as our will be felt for 7 generations. That starting at present day grandfathers and grandmothers. For they are the one's who set us on this losing track. For it was their generation that enacted the war on Terrorism that ultimately led to our downfall. It was them who unleashed the devil of opium on the people. An act that easily cost America two generations of its people. To which is why it will take so long for the people to bounce back. To those who newly awake to the realization that we are no longer number 1 globally, and that we lost the battle for global domination.  I say this to  you. Give hope to your children, teach them to love people through your actions, and work for better days to come in their lives and not your own. For we are  the ones who bear the brutality of defeat. Let us not make a mockery of ourselves in defeat. For the historians will be recording our ever move.

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