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Death Of The Femine
Wednesday July 26 2017, 2:34 AM

I propose that we shall see the death of the Feminine aspect of nature within our lifetimes. This comes because the purpose of the woman is being lost. What it meant to be a woman no longer exists. The process has reached a tipping point. Women have passed on their purpose, to seek out worldly desires. This lost was filled with the machine and technology.

Women reached a point where to be attractive cost them their health, and wealth, along with their self esteem. This is a gift from opening Pandora's Box of sexual desires. This freedom of sexual desires birthed unwanted children, fostered toxic psychological environments, and brought forth powerful diseases, all of which finally took its toll on the Feminine.

The technology has progressed to the point where it destroyed what it meant to be a woman. At one point, one could look at a person, and say that's a woman. Not any longer. Breasts, and certain facial features, and newly created hips allowed those born male to take on appearance of the woman. Not to mention the changes that could now be made to genitals, which further blur the lines of what a woman appears to be.

From there birth a desire to shrug motherhood was born. Truly one of the greatest feats of human nature is motherhood, and this wonderful treasure is being discarded, for freedom to chase worldly desires. Who will replace the mothers in the family? Technology and machines will. Knowledge, wisdom, and the perception of reality of the children will be given to them from the machine, and not their mother.

How can we see this happening. It all started with the birth of the sex dolls. Which are machines that look woman like, who allow men to delve deeper into their sexual debaucheries. They will begin to give their "God Power" to the machine, creating a natural lack in the Feminine for food. For how will a woman compete with a machine. What good is the company of the woman, if can be upstaged by the benefits of the machine?

In this age women followed the image that could be found in magazines, and on television. Though at times it was a tall order, there were those who transform an average house wife to a Hollywood Vixen. But how does one transform a woman into a machine. How can you make a woman who looks like she never ages, never gains weight, who is flexible, and lastly one who never looks like she has an attitude?

Women betrayed themselves by delving into Pandora's Box. They created an environment where it is uncomfortable to be around them, could be detrimental to physical health to procreate with them due to their open lifestyle, as well as it can be extremely costly to be with a woman.

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