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Wednesday July 26 2017, 12:59 AM

This is the age of the complaints. Its the age where people forgot about their blessings and only focused on their problems. It is if we forgot what life was about and instead we chase an illusion of another's making. An example is no one wants to look older or be called old, but no one wants to die. Its an extremely fickle perception of life that I see daily. People don't want to share their age, or look it. People complain how the body feels as they get older, and dread the coming birthday. But yet they don't welcome or look forward to death. The body grows old, and it dies, it is a integral part of life. How great is the dissonance to want to live, yet not age? Just think about how much is wasted to strive to stay alive and look young? And for what?

We live in a time where people complain about everything. They complain about their body, they complain about their age, they complain about their hair, their companion, their sexuality. Everything has become a problem that should or could be solved. When do we enjoy the things that we have? After they are gone.

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